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Carrier AC

At Vital Heating & Air, we specialize in creating more enjoyable homes across Johnson, Marion & Shelby Counties.  With the installation of a modern cooling system, we improve the comfort, health, and condition of your indoor environment.  Cooling equipment, designed for your specific household, combats excess humidity, maintains ideal temperatures, and filters out airborne contaminants.  By tailoring solutions to suit and completing precision installation, Vital Heating & Air ensures ease-of-management, optimum energy efficiency, and long-term reliability.

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Partnering with Carrier, Vital Heating & Air offers a rewarding selection of air conditioning options, from central air to heat pumps and ductless models.  Our experienced technicians provide helpful information, knowledgeable recommendations, and an explanation of state-of-the-art features that enhance convenience, comfort, and cost-savings.  Consider adaptable speed technology, Infinity control, and WiFi accessibility, and take complete control over your indoor environment.

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As a small, family-owned HVAC provider, Vital Heating & Air brings personalized attention to every job, completes your project quickly, and prioritizes your satisfaction.  Call us at (317) 868-2665 for expert air conditioner installation throughout Greenwood, IN, Whiteland, IN, Franklin, IN, Beech Grove, IN, New Whiteland, IN, Franklin Township, IN, Smith Valley, IN, Rocklane, IN.

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